The trauma is not over.

But the healing must begin.

Help heal the children of Israel.
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Uprooting Trauma

For decades, the children of Judea and Samaria have suffered daily from the traumatizing effects of Islamic terror. Since the October 7th massacre, thousands more children throughout Israel have become terror victims and deprived of the ability to enjoy their childhood. These children live with the daily horrors of trauma, anxiety, depression, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Since the start of the war,  the requests for treatments from Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund have soared. 


increase in requests for new treatment.


increase in requests from those who received previous treatment.*

*The trauma of the massacre and war has revived many of the pre-existing symptoms in new and frightening forms for children. This requires sensitive care to rebuild the damaged confidence that had been carefully restored during previous rounds of treatment.

The new beginning they need

Over the past 20 years, Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund has proven that children who live with the daily horrors of trauma can be healed through life-saving therapies such as:

Animal Therapy
Art Therapy
Drama Therapy
Music Therapy

During wartime, the trauma our children face is forgotten. We can not afford to ignore rebuilding Israel’s future- we need to start healing the children now.

New Therapies

SICF’s teams of social workers, psychologists, specialty therapists, and educators are rapidly expanding their programs to accommodate the sharp increase in referrals for treatment. These programs include:

Mobile Therapy

We have hired and trained experienced therapists to go out to the temporary homes of the evacuated survivors of the massacre for twice weekly whole-family and group therapy treatments since the children can not travel to the treatment centers.

Horticultural Therapy

This new program uses agriculture to help children improve socialization, task initiation, cognitive abilities, and learn new skills. Most importantly children can regain those skills that are lost due to trauma.

Open Studio

This is a twice weekly program in which children who have not yet been diagnosed can come in for art therapy in groups, under the guidance of experienced therapists. The therapists often discern the need for a formal diagnosis and follow-up treatment towards the path of healing.

Whole Family Therapy

We noticed families fracturing over the war and barrage of terrorist attacks. Through our specially tailored therapy program, the survivors of the October 7th massacre meet together as a family and work through their traumas and the total upheaval in their lives.

Now more than ever, we need to help the children of Israel.

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