Helping a child–whatever it takes.

Thousands of Israeli children suffer daily from the traumatizing effects of terror. Some lost their parents, siblings, and friends–but they’ve all lost their precious childhood, you can help restore some of it.
You can heal their painful wounds.

With Israel under constant attack, thousands of Israeli children suffer.

When living in Israel’s Biblical heartland, Israeli children are at the frontline of great suffering. Attacked by terrorists in the most vulnerable places–their homes, their schools, their supermarkets–they’re left with what seems to be irreversible damage.

Fear, anxiety, depression, and PTSD are just the beginning.

Unable to express the pain through words, these innocent children suffer from unimaginable trauma.

Healing their wounds can be a struggle, but together we make it happen.

Muted by their trauma, children who have PTSD cannot sit down and hash out what’s on their minds.

Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund provides unique programs that help children affected by terror to do what they feel instead of just saying what they feel.

As every child responds to trauma differently, Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund offers life-changing therapies tailored to every child’s needs.

Music Therapy

As their traumatic stories keep them speechless, the beauty of music and its movements provides the kids with the words that help them understand what happened, what’s hurting, how they feel, and how to recover.

Art Therapy

By picking up a crayon and drawing a picture or by using paints and other tools, the child and therapist have a vehicle through which to discuss in depth the emotions presented in the art, allowing the child to indirectly address his inner feelings and fears.

Animal Therapy

Invites the children to enter a warm space where they rebuild their confidence, gain leadership skills and responsibility through dog training, horseback riding, and participating in our center’s petting zoo.

Sadly, thousands of Israeli families cannot afford the life-changing help their children desperately need to heal from their past traumas.

Give Israeli children affected by terror the life-changing
therapies they need to live happy, healthy, and
productive lives.

With your help, you can rebuild shattered lives.

Donate today and help give Israeli children affected by terror the love, care, and future they deserve.